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NEWS FLASH! John Jennings, artists; co-curator of, “Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics, co-author of Black Comix has come onboard to illustrate the new comic strip, Blackjack: Heart of Evil, Jennings said.

BLACKJACK RETURNS and ... The pulps are back!
Blackjack creator/writer Alex Simmons is launching a full out campaign to bring his popular 30's adventure hero Arron Day, back in the game. June 6th -- He's launching a new Blackjack web site. June 10th -- A Blackjack fundraiser debuts on Kickstarter.com. July 4th -- New Blackjack comic strip, Heart of Evil explodes on the web.

Simmons says, he hopes all this will hold the fans through the summer because come fall, there's a treasure chest of secrets to unfold! What could he possibly have in mind?