The Art Of Making Comics On The Road

Action, adventure, satire, and the human condition!

These are just some of the things artists and writers have explored for generations through the world of comics. Comic art is one of the most popular story-telling mediums around the globe -- from comic strips to Manga, from humorous teen ankhs to social commentary. Now students can be part of that magic! In this exciting workshop, students are introduced to the process of creating comics -- from idea, to script, to full color art. They'll obtain insight into the process of creating their own comic strips and full-length stories (developing plots, penciling and inking the pages, etc.).

Working with an industry professional Alex Simmons, students will produce artwork for a character they have created, as well as a written character biography, and the plot for their first story. They'll practice planning, collaboration, patience, and problem solving. Students will be on their way to publishing their own comic book or comic strips on paper, or the web. So join the class and explore the fun-filled world of creating comics now!

[*This program can be modified for large or small groups and for one or more workshops.]


When location and venue permit, students will also benefit from appearances by some of my colleagues (graphic designer, computer colorist, video producer, recording engineer, set designer, etc.). Each is a specialist in the various fields that pertain to my workshops. The appearance of these specialists is at the discretion of the facility and would require additional arrangements agreed upon in advance.

To watch an example of this program, click here.

*All artwork seen here is by students

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