I’m Alex Simmons

Welcome to a piece of my creative world.

Here’s a little talk to help struggling and emerging writers tip the scales closer towards  reaching their creative goals.

Episode 1: How I Started Out

I help emerging writers get past their fears and frustrations, so they can create intriguing plots, compelling characters, and dynamic stories that’ll help them reach their creative and professional goals.

Why Am I A Writer?

Writing enables us to create a world where wrongs can be righted. Where questions can be explored and answered. Where people can fly above the clouds, swim beneath the sea, or travel to far-off worlds and discover wondrous things.

And that’s just what writing can do for me and you, the writers. Just imagine what it does for the audience.

So I hope these weekly tips and insights will help you on your journey.

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Episode #2: How Not To Tell A Stereotypical Tale 

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Episode #3: If We’re All Born Storytellers, Then Where Do We Start?

It’s always …


for me.

Episode #4: Plot Is Character and Character Is Plot … What Does That Mean?

Sure you can make films and TV shows with stereotypical characters.

But what if you don’t.

Check out my Creating Compelling Characters mini course.  7 powerful writing techniques to make your romance stories more exhilarating, your mystery stories more intriguing, and your thrillers more nail biting? 

Episode #5: Where To Look For Good Story Ideas.

“…You see but do not observe…”  Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. Watson.

He meant that like most people, Watson took little notice of things.  Like many today, he scanned places, people and things, but did not take note of details and particulars.

Writers should be more like Holmes and less like Watson. We need to better observe life, so that we can better reflect it, authentically.

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Episode #6: A Walk Down Writer’s Block

“You can’t think yourself out of a writing block; you have to write yourself out of a thinking block.” 

– John Rogers –

Episode #7: How To Build Creative Confidence.

“One leaf at a time, through leaves and over bridges…”
— from Kurt Vonnegut’s, “Long Walk To Forever” —

Episode #8: The Closest Place To Go For Story Ideas

It’s one of the few times when the phrase, “Out of your mind,” doesn’t mean something negative!

Episode #9: Demystifying Story Structure: The Cause-and-Effect Equation Approach

In this episode of Tip Talks, I share some thoughts on what I call, “the cause-and-effect equation,” in storytelling. And I emphasize the importance of figuring out the “why” behind its relationship to character development.

Episode #10: Lyrical Stories, How Songs Can Shape and Touch the Hearts of An Audience

In this episode, I explore the power of storytelling through the music of singer-songwriter Harry Chapin.  His songs captivated audiences with their clear story structures and thought-provoking themes.