As a professional writer Alex Simmons has exhibited his tremendous ability and range by writing about a number of topics, from magazine interviews and articles, to video games and documentaries, to children’s novels and comic books. For more than 20 years Simmons has easily moved from fiction to non fiction, creating exciting mysteries, and compelling biographies.

Archie Comics:

  • NEW KIDS OFF THE WALLS!, a six-part mini series where Simmons co-created & introduced a whole new cast of supporting teens into Archie’s world
  • THE CARTOON LIFE OF CHUCK CLAYTON, graphic novel (Feb. 2010)
  • CYRANO JONES, where Jughead lives the life of Cyrano Debergerac
  • J. JONES, SEMI-PRIVATE, with Jughead facing mystery and danger as a somewhat hardboiled private eye.
  • ARCHIE’S WORLD TOUR! It sure is as Archie and his classmates visit 5 countries in 10 days, stumbling across culture knowledge, romance, and intrigue.

Graphic Classics:
Wrote two freelance stories for them,

  • The Gopher Grapes
  • The Two American

DC Comics:

  • BATMAN: ORPHEUS RISING, a five part mini series
  • SCOOBY DOO! Simmons penned a series of Scooby Doo tales
  • Superman: My Brother’s Keeper, 2 part tale (unpublished)

Independent Publications

  • BLACKJACK: BLOOD AND HONOR, is Simmons’ award winning graphic novel series about an African-American soldier of fortune in the 1930s.
  • BLACKJACK: SECOND BITE OF THE COBRA, the mini series that debuted this popular character.
  • TARZAN, Simmons wrote the exciting Sunday comic strip for one year.
  • RACE AGAINST TIME, a comic book mini series based on Bantam Books’ childrens’ novels


  • “The Raven League #1, SHERLOCK HOLMES IS MISSING,” and “BUFFALO BILL: WANTED.”  by Alex Simmons and Bill McCay. A middle grade mystery novel, pub. by Sleuth/Razorbill (div. of Penguin Books)
  • MYSTERIES OF THE PAST,  (Children’s Press, a division of Scholastic Inc.)
  • Simmons wrote original stories based on Disney’s hit movies: “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “Pocahontas,” published by Grolier’s/The Walt Disney Company.
  • “Denzel Washington,” “John Lucas: The Comeback,” and “Ben Carson: Medicine Man.”  Simmons interviewed and wrote stories about three remarkable men, for Steck-Vaughn’s African & Hispanic Americans Biography series.
  • Steck-Vaughn Mystery series, “Terror Trail,” “Stolen Bases,” “Please Call Back,” and “Smoke,” fiction (1993).
  • The Cool Karate School, published by Troll Educational Services.

Simmons has ghost written a number of YA and middle grade mystery series for Simon & Schuster, Bantam, Troll Publications, Ballantine Books, and Donald Westlake, Inc.

“WHO DONE IT,”  Simmons wrote 12 interactive multi-level mysteries for this award winning game from Tiger Toys.
Theater & Radio Plays

  • “Sherlock Holmes and the Hands of Othello,” produced Off-Broadway, An audio play produced by Dark Angel Productions.
  • “My Interview with Deadwood Dick,” (Starring Morgan Freeman). An audio play produced by Dark Angel Productions.
  • “Urban America Dreams,” A staged production by the Bronx Creative Arts for Youth.
  • “Blackjack: Retribution,” an audio adventure about an African-American soldier of fortune, Arron Day, performed at the NYC Museum of TV and Radio.
  • “RACE AGAINST TIME,” an audio adventure performed at the NYC Museum of TV and Radio.
  • “Uh, Oh Radio!” An audio play produced by the Bronx Creative Arts for Youth and C.J.I. Music Productions. A musical revue set in a fictitious radio station run entirely by children.
  • “Once Upon A Miracle,” a stage production by the Bronx Creative Arts for Youth. A humorous, contemporary children’s musical reminiscent of the old time.
  • “Star Child,”a stage production by the Bronx Creative Arts for Youth. A family musical, about racial strife and the need for harmony, set in another dimension.