For nine years Simmons has taught this journalism workshop to kids from six to sixteen. This includes three years at the Creative Arts Summer Camp. During four weeks the kids produced numerous podcast interviews and published a daily newspaper under the title SUMMER ACTION NEWS. “The children come to the class with energy, excitement and creativity,” Simmons said. “I just give them some guidance and then get out of their way.” (click here)

Let me get this straight ? you want me to be a snoop?

That’s right. In this exciting, creative writing workshop students will learn how to be investigative reporters! With pen, notebook, and camera in hand they’ll dig out, write up, and send out (publish) all the news that’s fit to print. From info about the hottest new video games to how to save a neighborhood, students will be taught the art of creating, writing and publishing their own newsletter, newspaper, or web page. They’ll learn techniques in identifying, researching, interviewing, and uncovering solid news stories.

With their instructor, these junior reporters will go out on assignments, some prearranged, some spontaneous. True, students will work on cool stories about toys, music, movies and other things that grab their attention readily, but there’s more. They’ll also interview and write about people and issues that affect them. Through discussions, research and trips they’ll learn more about family history and culture. They’ll learn about their own community, as well as the ones they move through daily.

Where facilities permit, students will take photos to go with various assignments, while others will locate or create artwork to accompany their stories. Through editorial meetings, students will help decide the actual content and schedule of their publication. This will be their view of the world, their opinions, and their voice! That News To Me is an excellent way not only for young people to become more aware of life around them, but also to affect it.

[* Simmons’ curriculum and hands on approach has made this workshop suitable for all ages.]