In this innovative workshop Simmons demonstrates how to explore the boundless regions of science and technology through the imaginative realm of comics?

Through a series of hands on projects students will examine and discuss the powers and abilities of popular comic book characters, and how their abilities connect to the real world.

Next, after choosing a specific natural threat or disaster, students will create their own heroes and/or villains to manipulate or interact with this scenario –using only scientific laws and principles as a foundation for their plots and storylines.

Sci-Tech Heroes is a fun way to help young people begin to see the possibilities of the future, and their place in it as creators, not simply consumers. It allows them to realize they could be the inventors of technology that could aid us in the exploration of space, or creating a better life here on earth.

Testimonials From Educators:

“Alex provided just what teachers need-information that they can take directly back to the classroom and use in a real setting with students”

“My kids love this stuff and like to create something of their own – this class will help me implement individuality.”

“This was the right topic at the right time – more and more students are clamoring for graphic novels/comic books.”

“Thanks! Great motivation for my struggling readers and writers.”