Program Description

Movies, TV, Books, Plays, even Video games all started with one thing in common… an idea that had to be written down. It’s the same when someone creates that top ten song, or a headline newspaper story. In all these cases, someone has to be the Writer. That someone can be you.

In Play, Write, Right professional author, Alex Simmons, brings his years of experience to a series of exciting workshops. Simmons, who has written articles, mystery novels, plays (stage and radio), songs, electronic games, comic books and more — will show students how to produce their own wild works of fact and fantasy! Students will be shown how writers turn concepts into concrete, as they:

* Ccreate characters
* Ccomic strips
* Short plays
* News stories
* and much more!

So come with plenty of pencils, paper, and imagination! The fun is just about to begin … big time!