Since 1996, Simmons has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous conventions, libraries, and schools.  Young and old have been intrigued by his experiences as a writer, teaching artist, and performer.

From the U.S. to India, Simmons has offered insight on …

  • Arts in Education,
  • Freelance writing, and
  • Entrepreneurial pursuits in the creative arts.

Simmons has taught professional development workshops to over 100 teachers and educators.  He encourages using the creative arts to organically engage students in …

  • science
  • history
  • social studies
  • environmental challenges
  • arts as a form of self expression for youth
  • stimulating imagination to envision future goals
  • reading to children to foster a love for books and learning

Simmons in Russia.

Simmons in the West Indies.

Simmons with Amy Chu, Shawn Martinbrough, Larry Hama, John Jennings, Alitha Martinez (and son).

Simmons with panelists at Miami Book Fair.

Simmons leads a professional development workshop in Albany.

Simmons and Pat Fortunato lead a professional development workshop for day care teachers.