The Raven League #2, BUFFALO BILL, WANTED

Created by Alex Simmons
Written by Alex Simmons and Bill McCay

Two middle grade mystery novels,
from Sleuth/Razorbill (div. of Penguin Books)
ISBN 1-59514-072-7

The Plot Book #1

Archie Wiggins, Cockney born and bred, led the Baker Street Irregulars, Sherlock Holmes’s eyes and ears on the streets. But when death and deceit destroy that group, Wiggins must find new allies: a spunky ten-year-old Irish lad, a very bright girl fresh from the English countryside, and the daredevil son of interracial parents. Thrown together by circumstances, bound by wit and will, these four young sleuths fight evil from the lowest back-slum thugs to a menacing order of international assassins.


“Gr 4-6–This plot-driven story begins with immediate action that never lets up.
— The School Library Journal —

And here are a few other words of praise and comments on the book:

“…The four resourceful young heroes (one female) are not stereotypes, but three-dimensional characters who find strength in unity. They pursue thugs from whom most of their elders would run away at the earliest opportunity. This book would make a terrific family-friendly motion picture…”

— S Braunstein, Librarian —

“… The youngsters who form the Raven League are believable kids who would be good company for a juvenile reader – if I were still teaching school, I’d be recommending this volume left and right…”

— S. Rice, BSI —

“… Surprise, surprise, surprise! I don’t want to give the plot away but this book has phenomenal surprises … twists that will make you re-speculate on the whole story. I loved it and can’t wait for book two to figure out “who dunnit.”

— William Rinaldo, age 10 —

*Brand new stories coming in 2019!

The East End of London, 1885. 
With a terrible disease raging through the streets, and a horde of horrible creatures stalking them by night, how can five children save a city? 

“The Raven League #3: THE YELLOW MAN”